We aim to decrease victimization among African-American women who suffer from limited resources. The intergenerational trauma of African-American women is a continuum of their being treated equal which results in their need for help are commonly ignored and overlooked.  We must empower them to break the cycle of Victimation by giving them H.O.P. E. (Helping Overcome Personal Emptiness). Teaching them that they have to power to overcome their struggles.


African-Americnan women in the U.S. are more vulnerable to victimization, as shown in these statistics:

  • In a national survey, 29% of African American women reported at least one instance of violence from an intimate partner ( Tjaden & Thoennes 2000).

  • African Americans are the victims of 1/3 of the domestic homicides in the United States each year.

  • African Americans have a domestic violence homicide rate four times that of whites (Greenfield et al 2001).

  • Higher rates of domestic violence in the African American Community are strongly related to higher levels of poverty and economic oppression. (Hampton et al 2004).

  • African American victims of domestic violence were more likely to be killed by their partner if there had been incidents in which the partner had used or threatened to use a weapon on her and/or the partner has tried to choke or strangle her (Jenkins, Block, & Campbell 2004). ​

At this point, we host one conference per year. However, we hope to increase to two conferences per year. Our conferences focus on victims in marginalized popluations.



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