Mission and Vision


Our mission is to bring awareness to the suffrage of African-American women who have been at a disadvantage in the US for over 200 years of victimization which makes a vulnerable prey for in intimate partner violence.  To ensure that African-American women and all victims receive equal protection and safety without discrimination.  To change the acculturation of societal hierarchies affect them legally, socially and environmental provide them with support. To break the cycle that has resulted in injustice that continually to penalize them due to inability to change their ethnicity or race before qualifying for equal protection and services.



Our vision is that no woman will be judged unworthy of protection because she happens to be the wrong color, a condition that African-American women have endured for centuries. The value of a woman will not be determined by the complexion of her skin. A Black woman will never fear that her call for help will be turned down because of prejudice that historically has seen her as inhuman. She will now receive a fair chance to rebuild her life and hope for a better future.  The community will provide the kind of support and resources that allow her a place to turn to in her time of need. 



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A   501 (c) (3)  Organization

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